Denmark: The 5 anarchists arson trial set to begin

Here’s an update to the blog from dk via actforfreedomnow. This information is from different national media…

On the 20th. of April 2012 the Justice minister of Denmark M. Boedskov (Social Democrat) approved the charge, against the five young men, to be upheld as terrorism charges. Four was arrested the 26th. April 2011 with 30 liters of petrol and a flare outside the police academy in Brondby, outer Copenhagen. A fifth was arrested in May, also 2011.
The 5 admit to try to set fire to the police academy, but denied it should be an attempt of terrorism.

The state and prosecutor says that with the arson attack on the Fur companies, Embassy etc. they tried to destabilize the political, social and financial foundations in Denmark and therefore should they be charged under the terror legislation. Even though in Denmark already Arson charges can get you life in prison, so by using the terror law, they just makes it much more difficult for the defendants to prepare their defence as the are under mail and visitor monitoring. Also this means that the state can keep them on remand for a full year, without charge….

A trial date is set for 9th May 2012, but information is sketchy as to whether we’ll be getting access to the courtroom as previously it was held behind closed doors.

FOTO FROM: 11th. Jan 2011 : Several vehicles burn out at the Police data central in Hvidovre, Cph.

The arrested are being held in Vridsløselille state prison.

Attacks for which they are charged :

17th. April 2010 : 2 molotovs thrown at the Kopenhagen Fur

14th. May 2010 : Flammeble fluid ignited at the police academy, a few cops cars burn out too, in Brondoester
20th Sept 2010 : Flammmeble mfluid ignited at the company Pelsbox ( A fur company ) in Herlev

27th. Oct 2010 : 4 plastic jerrycans with flammeble liquid thrown through the window and ignited at the food company Nestle, Copenhagen.

10th. Nov 2010 : Molotovs thrown through windows at Saga Furs, Vedbaek.

8th Dec 2010 : Plastic jerrycan of petrol thrown at the police intelligence HQ in Søborg, Cph.

15th Dec 2010 : Windows smashed at a bank in Odense, police states they wanted to burn it…

11th. Jan 2011 : Several vehicles burn out at the Police data central in Hvidovre, Cph.

14th Jan 2011 : Pigs says they wanted to burn another bank in central Cph, but for reasons unknown failed the attempt!!

6th April 2011 : With flammeble liquid the front door of the Greek embassy in Cph was set alight.

26th. April 2011 : 4 of the 5 are arrested at the police academy with petrol and flares…

from sabotagethis, Cph

Terror charges brought against 5 anarchists comrades in Denmark

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