Letter from Manuel Salas

Denver ABC lists Manuel Salas as one of our politicized prisoners. Manuel recently sent us this letter and asked that it be broadly distributed.

“My name is Manuel C. Salas, founder of National Animal Rights and Anarchist Network (NARAN). I ask everyone to remember we only stay blind as long as we allow ourselves not to grow and see the injustice and differences between what is lies and what is truth. And justice is not just for one, but for all and should be the same for all and not juggled by the color of one’s skin, gender identity, sexual orientation or any other factor.

I write this page to request support and to get more information out on the injustices going on with me as I move on with my fight to get justices. So that I do not repeat myself, people can see my other updates on my web page listed at the end of this page.

After being moved to the Waupun in January of 2011 I had to go through hell to get my vegan food back. After making the Department of Corrections (DOC) change their policy, the DOC started to harass me more in every way they can. But I have had more problems that are very serious.

The serious medical problems are due to staff—both security, HSU and kitchen staff—at WCI playing games with my food. I am a vegan and eat NO animal products at all.

For a long time, every few days I have been getting animal products on my food trays being given to me, but it got worse after two officers started working on the seq wing I’m on causing it to where I have been forced to not eat on the first shift for over 28 days. My blood sugar went as low as 48—as the medical papers show—and also causing a lot of other problems. On Valentines Day I blacked out and staff third shift had to get me emergency medical treatment.

And then on 2/21/2012 Second Shift, staff—all rookies except for two—battered me by using force on me. Photos were taken of my leg, arm and hand. I’m just taking one day at a time. I was having medical problems with my blood sugar and staff would not do their job. So what do they do? Batter me.

I want to stand up and what better way than 4-19-2012. I do not have the support I need, but I would like to get a protest/rally outside of the Waupun Correctional Institution in Waupun, WI. This would be to show support to me and to all prisoner vegans! And to stop the unjust conditions behind prison walls.

4-19-2012 would be the day I want to get this together because of the history of the day and what better way to show respect to our comrades and activists that died that day fighting for justices.

Any support would be greatly appreciated and anyone that would be willing to help me get this protest/rally going please let me know ASAP.

People can look me up at http://www.supportmanuel.com to see and read other things and movements that I’m going through to fight the injustice. And people can write to me at the address below, just please print.

In Solidarity,

Manuel C. Salas #504212

Waupun Correctional Institution

PO Box 351

Waupun, WI 53963-0351”


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  1. I have sent Manuel a few books in the past few months. One book was shipped directly from the independent publisher/author. I will leave the author’s name out of this but she wrote to me yesterday stating Manuel had emailed her and needed a receipt in order to receive the book from prison officials. She sent a handwritten receipt in which Manuel wrote back to her calling her a “dumbass”. If anyone were to sent me a gift I would appreciate it, if someone sent a gift to me while in prison I believe I would treat that person with the utmost respect.
    The lack of information with Manuel’s situation is a mystery and with this lack of respect I see why I should continue to support him. Too many good people in bad situations for effort to be wasted on those less appreciative.

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