This Saturday! Secret Cafe Brunch at the 27 Social Centre

Looking for a badass Saturday brunch? Join us for a benefit at the 27 Social Center.

Saturday February 18 11:30am-2:30pm

Food $5-$12 sliding scale.

The menu:

  • Waffles (GF/V)
  • Egg & veggie quiche with a quinoa crust (GF)
  • Biscuits and Gravy (V)
  • Oatmeal w/ topping bar (V/GF)
  • Banana breakfast sundae (V & GF)
  • Drinks available for additional donations.

The 27 Social Center is home to P&L Printing, Denver ABC, Sent(a)mental Studios, Buildup Books, Denver Zine Library, Bread and Roses Workers Cultural Center, Colorado Street Medics, Denver Community Health Collective and Comite en Defense del Pueblo. Our collective projects and events include Printing, Art Showings, Meeting Space for Activist Groups, Film Showings, Political Speakers and Readings, Local Radical Labor History.

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