February 20th! Hit the streets for our brothers and sisters held captive across the U.S.!

Political Prisoner Jaan Laaman has taken the time to release the following statement to encourage participation in the mass actions happening across the country on Monday, February 20th.

Participants in the Occupy Movement across the country have called for a “National Occupy Day in Support of Prisoners,” with actions happening in (as of now) a dozen locales from coast to coast. Join us in Denver at 6:30pm at 30th and Peoria (outside the GEO/ICE Detention Center) as we join folks from Occupy Denver and the greater community to show our solidarity with our imprisoned brothers, sisters, and siblings.

Jaan’s statement available here.

The text of Occupy Denver’s call to action can be read here.
The original text of Occupy Oakland’s proposal can be read here.
More information can be found at occupy4prisoners.org

One Response

  1. The link to the occupydenver.org call to action is broken (contains a spurious http//): http://occupydenver.org/national-occupy-day-in-support-of-prisoners/

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