A Call for Every CA Prisoner: 150,000 Calls on the CA Legislature Supporting the Hunger Strike

From Prison Hunger Strike Solidarity

Stand with Prisoners!

Support the Hunger Strikers in Winning their Demands!

The US imprisons over 2.5 million people in jail, prisons, detention centers and juvenile halls, about 150,000 of whom are CA prisoners.

While hunger strikers recover from two rounds of the historic strike in the summer and fall of 2011, supporters outside need to send a clear message of support to the CA legislature and continue building pressure to fully implement the five core demands.

Let’s jam the CA Legislature’s communication with overwhelming support for the hunger strike! A Call or letter for every CA prisoner!

Look up your state representatives  and call, write, email & fax your representative today!

Download open letter here (word document) and mail/fax it to your representatives!

Click here for a suggested Phone Script.

Click here for a suggested Email Script.

Download & print fliers: click here for double-sided flier; click here for single-sided flier

How to Support the 150,000 Calls  Drive (from outside of CA too!)


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  1. Many of these links are broken.

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