Colorado Madness

I’ve “toured” a lot of bad prisons during my travels across the U.S. with “Club Fed”, but U.S.P.-Florence is way up the scale with poor quality medical care and conditions. Maybe because it holds what the Feds call the “Worst of the Worst”, allowing them to justify their Neanderthal mentalities. The guards proudly wear “The Alcatraz of the Rockies” on their T-shirts, and refer to their various programs of repression as “Operation Strom Trooper”, and each other as “Team Foxtrot”, like military advisors rather than the agents of repression they are.
I must note that previously my only worries of transfers were the results of U.S. Marshal’s and prisoncrats placing me on “Diesel Therapy” due to the long years of writ writing and activism on behalf of other prisoners. Over 17 different jails and prisons over 1 ½ years for one criminal charge, but I’m not sniveling; I volunteered to “see the world” when I joined “Club Fed”. But now, one has to worry about the “new breed” of federal prisoners who want to be “Yard Police” and get in everyone’s business and be wannabe guards. Exercise extreme caution around these as they are used as pawns of our oppressors, and don’t seem to see that we need to join together to fight the many human rights abuses performed on us daily by the prisoncrats, rather than each other.
Prison health services don’t usually attract “The Rising Stars” of the medical profession, quite the opposite in fact. Most physicians who have been sued or disciplined by their state’s medical review boards, causing their insurance to be cancelled, work for prison health services. One can usually determine a health care workers educational background by writing that state’s medical licensing board and making a public records request from them. Every state has one, most prisoners aren’t aware of this fact, or that they can file charges against a health worker with these boards, that goes a lot farther than a grievance or BP-9 administrative remedy required by the PLRA before filing a federal or state civil action. When you file a medical complaint with a medical review board, he/she must defend against review by an administrative law judge or other licensed physicians on that board, who can suspend or restrict their license to practice medicine, or prescribe drugs if misconduct or ethical violations occur.
Note that the Colorado Medical Board is in bed with the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Colorado, they refuse to hold (BOP) Health Service Workers to their standards under the false pretense that all Federal Health Workers are in the U.S. Public Health Service’s employ when they are not.
Here are some useful addresses: Remember, there is a war going on against the people, and we are the casualties. RESIST -A-
Big John

Ohio State Medical Review Board,
77 South High Street, 17th A,
Columbus, OH. 43226-0315

Office of Occupational
Safety & Health (USHEA),
1047 U.S. Highway 127 S. Suite-4,
Frankfurt, KY. 40601

Surgeon General,
3423 N. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.,
P.O. Box 30199,
Lansing MI. 48909

Office of Indiana Attorney General,
Attn: Consumer Protection Division,
302 W. Washington Street,
Indianapolis, IN. 46204

Indiana State Board of Nursing,
302 W. Washington Street,
Indianapolis, IN. 46204

U.S. Inspector General,
950 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W., Room #4726,
Washington, D.C. 20530

Colorado Department of Regulatory Agency,
Medical Review Board,
1560 Broadway, Suite-1350,
Denver, CO. 80202-5140

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