Stop Ongoing Harassment of Jalil Muntaqim

We received a call Friday morning from Jalil Muntaqim to advise us that his cell had been raided on Thursday, January 5th. (Attica, NY) When Jalil asked why his cell was being searched, he was told it was because “something happened in California.”

The COs confiscated pictures of the memorials for BPP members Cetewayo (Michael Tabor) and Bro. Mark Smith “Smitty” of New Jersey. Jalil received a Tier 3 ticket for possession of these photos. Of course, these photos had been sent to him by mail and had been approved in the prison mailroom.

Jalil is not in the hole. We have been told this walking ticket means they can use it against him at any time for any reason.

Jalil’s cell has been turned over five times in the last two months.

Jalil is asking people to call the Warden and Commissioner Brian Fischer to demand:

1. An end to this campaign of constant harassment

2. The return of his pictures

When you call, be sure to use Jalil’s DIN number (#77A4283) and refer to him as Anthony “Jalil” Bottom, currently at Attica.

Brian Fischer (518) 457-8126

Warden: (585) 591-2000

We would like to know what responses people receive. Please send an email to or to let us know.

Thank you for your help.

Jericho Co-Chairs Jihad & Paulette

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