Toronto G20: State Files Appeal of Ryan Rainville’s Sentence

From Gueplh ABC:

On December 20th 2011, a member of the G20 Investigative Team came to his home at Sagatay Mens Residence to serve him with an appeal of his sentence. The implication of this action is that his sentence is to light. It is clear that Ryan’s pride in his convictions and anarchist values have led them to target him in an attempt to send a clear message to other anarchists, that our politics and bodies will be criminalized if we do not fall in line.

Before his sentencing, Ryan had served over 3 months in prison, 8 months under house arrest and 5 months of a restrictive curfew. He is currently serving his sentence for these charges of 4 months house arrest, 4 months curfew, followed by a year probation. It will be 3 years after the original event before Ryan is free of these charges.


On Monday Dec. 5Th, 2011 Ryan Rainville received a conditional sentence of 4 months under house arrest, followed by 4 months curfew and then one year probation. Ryan had plead guilty to 3 counts of Mischief over $5000 for using a red and black flag and a hammer to destroy Toronto Police cruisers during the G20 riot last year. He also plead guilty to a Breach of Peace.

Ryan’s sentence took into account the 96 days he spent in the Toronto Metro West Detention Centre and Maplehurst Correctional Facility following his initial arrest on these charges. Ryan fought and won during a trial where he contested charges of Assault Police with a Weapon and Obstruct Officer. These charges stemmed from accusations that a police cruiser Ryan had damaged was occupied.

GAyBC has just released a zine of Ryan’s statement he read to the courts before his sentencing. You can find it on our website to print and distribute at your leisure.


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