First Letter Writing Night of 2012: A Community Forum on the Lucasville Uprising

Lucasville Uprising Letter Writing Night

Wednesday, January 4th

6:30 pm

27 Social Centre (2727 W 27th ave)

Join DABC on Wednesday, January 4th for a community dinner and forum on the Lucasville Prison Uprising of 1993.  The event will include an informative presentation and critical discussion on the uprising and its aftermath. SIDDIQUE ABDULLAH HASAN, A PRISONER FROM THE LUCASVILLE UPRISING, WILL BE GIVING A SPECIAL ADDRESS VIA TELEPHONE.

The event is child friendly, free, and open to the public.

More on the Lucasville Uprising…

In April of 1993 hundreds of prisoners at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility took control of one of the facility’s wings for 11 days before it was forcibly taken back over.  The rebellion was composed of a temporarily united front of prisoners across racial, religious, and gang divisions that produced 21 demands centered around basic human rights.  During the uprising several prisoner informants and a guard were killed.

In the aftermath, the state aggressively recruited snitches, coerced their testimony, interfered with access to council, hid or destroyed exculpatory evidence, and presented little or no physical evidence in trials and legal proceedings. Five inmates were given the death penalty, while others were given life sentences.

More on Siddique Hasan…

Siddique Abdullah Hasan is a prison Imam, a skilled writer, and a compassionate mentor and friend to fellow inmates. He was placed on death-row for his alleged leadership role in the 1993 Lucasville rebellion. The riots occurred shortly before his scheduled release. Hasan maintains his innocence. His case has found widespread popular support, but is nearing the end of appeals.


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  1. Great, interesting story about Siddique Abdullah Hasan who was the prisoner. I would like to know about his life story and in which books he addressed.

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