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Please check out the relatively new blog of New Afrikan Prisoner of War Jalil Muntaqim, which includes such poignant reflections such as these…

Occupy Wall Street …A Movement???

 The Civil Rights struggle was a movement. The Black Power struggle was a movement. The Anti-Vietnam War struggle was a movement. Each of these struggles had definitive goals, objectives and defined demands; they each had representative leadership able to articulate their demands; and just as importantly, they had national organizational development and direction. To date, Occupy Wall Street (OWS) has none of these, but rather a decentralized protest CAMPAIGN that has touched and manifested a sentiment and tendency of mass disaffection with this capitalist system.

Occupy Wall Street Protest and U.S. Political Prisoners

When considering the impressive level of support cultivated and organized to spare the life of Troy Davis, we political prisoners in NYS can only wonder what kind of impact that would have had on NYS DOCS and Division of Parole on our collective condition. Although the state of Georgia failed to spare the life of Troy Davis, there is no doubt they were under tremendous pressure. I sincerely doubt, if such pressure was directed on NYS in support of our issue, NYS would be unable to deny our demands. This is especially true when considering there would be no finality to our issues. When considering the extent of support and attention given to California Pelican Bay hunger strikers, that will eventually force major changes in SHU prison policies, we need to ask why NYS activists are perceptually silent on prison and parole issues?


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