SWAT Teams With Assault Rifles Raid New Squat in Chapel Hill, NC

In one of the largest coordinated police responses in recent Carrboro Chapel Hill history, dozens of SWAT team members raided the newly established squat in the 10,000 square foot Chrysler building. With guns drawn, they blocked off the surrounding streets. Eight people were ultimately arrested, likely on trespassing charges or break and entering. A large crowd gathered outside, booing the cops, screaming, and vowing to return. Two town aldermen from Carrboro even took part, ironic considering Carrboro police were involved.

A benefit show is being held tonight and bail money is being raised as this is typed. Solidarity actions everywhere are appreciated; the cops here have seriously overstepped their normal bounds, and have been captured on film by mainstream press with guns drawn on old ladies and legal observers.

This is only the beginning of this effort, and we already have found more comrades than ever before through this struggle.

More updates coming asap..


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