10/24 Update on Squat Raid Arrestees

As of 11pm on 10/24/11, two of the arrestees have been bonded, though they will be released sometime tomorrow morning after a meeting with pre-trial services. Since they are facing felony charges, they may be fitted with ankle bracelets or some other monitoring device.

Amelia Nicol has a bond hearing tomorrow. She was not in court today, as she was transferred from the hospital to the jail this morning, just several hours before court started. Her hearing information is:
Tuesday 10/25
Room 2300
Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center
409 W. Colfax downtown Denver

Please attend this hearing if you are available.

Jonathon’s bond situation is a little more murky, as he was arrested last week during the eviction of Occupy Denver, and thus has some other bond stipulations this time around. We need to get more money and collateral together to be able to bond him out.

Immediate needs:
-Money for bond. Please contact denverabc@rocketmail.com. Amelia’s bond is expected to cost us between $350-500 through a bonds agency.
-Court observation
-Volunteers for DABC’s legal operations

Contact us if you can help!

More information as it comes.



2 Responses

  1. […] that last one, it’s worth noting that the young lady taken to the hospital is none other than Amelia Nicol. Ms. Nicol was recently the victim of a pretty absurd attempted frame-up by Denver’s finest. […]

  2. […] Nicol, accused of felony second degree burglary after police raided an anarchist squat on October 23rd of last year, had a hearing today at the Van Cise-Simonet court building downtown. […]

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