Calipatria Prisoners Call Off Hunger Strike Temporarily

*UPDATE: Calipatria ASU inmates have decided to “temporarily” call
off their hunger strike. The warden (Leland McEwen) decided to at the
last minute purposely withhold liquids & vitamins to the inmates who
did not participate in the hunger strike who currently have severe
medical problems in ASU in retaliation for the hunger strikers in
ASU. The men decided to temporarily call off the hunger strike due to
the mass retaliation on the inmates who have had existing severe
medical problems. They couldn’t allow the prison to do that to those
men because those men could not survive off of water alone like they
were. the men will most likely resume soon. It is now out in the open
what the prison has done to them in retaliation for their peaceful
protest for humane treatment and demands to meet the 5 demands.
More details as they emerge!


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