#OCCUPYDENVER – Arrests & Legal Support Needs!

Tonight there were many arrests and the DPD ain’t playin’ around with
OCCUPYDENVER anymore. Here are the important things to know and
support that is needed:

*** 24 Confirmed arrests with 1-2 possible others.
Reports coming from the jail of injuries due to pepper spray, batons,
and all the usual pig violence.

*** Court will be happening for these folks in Room 2300 of the Van-
Cise Detention Center at 8:00am. These people need support. If the
jail will not allow you in the courtroom, which is up to the judge,
please rally outside of it! Show solidarity!

*** DABC is coordinating bail donations. If you would like to donate
you can do so through Paypal by sending it to plpress@riseup.net
The bail needs are not entirely clear as of yet, but we will know
during court first thing in the morning.

*** You can follow DABC on Twitter, if you’re into that kind of thing,
for more regular updates and current statuses on arrestees and legal
needs. Twitter name is: denverabc

*** DABC is working this legal line 24/7 and if you’re getting this
email know that we would love things like coffee, hugs, hi-fives,
pizzas, and pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. No, we aren’t joking.
Well, kind of. Except not. Solidarity with support staff is awesome!!!

Lots of love and solidarity to everyone out there! Movements cannot be contained and aren’t ending tonight! New York, Chicago, Denver, and beyond are standing up against capitalism. Arrests are not going to stop that.

951 cities in 82 countries popped off today and O15 will continue into O16 only if we support those who the state tries to take out!

Over and out from your friendly neighborhood anarchist collective,
Denver Anarchist Black Cross

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