Wed. October 5th: Emergency mobilization in solidarity with CA Prisoner Hunger Strikers

Wednesday, October 5
4:30pm The Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center, 409 W. Colfax
then moving:
6:30pm 27 Social Centre, 2727 W. 27th Ave
Denver, CO

As the world watches a growing movement fill the parks, sidewalks and streets of the United States, another movement is growing within the country’s prisons.

Over 6,000 prisoners held captive in at least 7 different prisons are participating in the second round of a hunger strike for fundamental human rights and dignity. Many have pledged that they will die if their demands are not met.

In July, thousands of prisoners in at least 11 different prisons went on hunger strike for these five demands:

The California Department of Corrections and “Rehabilitation” promised to meet these demands after the over 3 week long hunger strike left some participants hospitalized.

Months later, CDCR has not lived up to their promises. In response, the prisoners resumed the hunger strike on September 26th.

They need your support now!

Join us on Wed. October 5th as we show solidarity and support for these brave class warriors as they struggle inside the prisons, kidnapped from family, friends, and community.

Following the informational picket outside the downtown jail, Denver ABC will host our regularly scheduled monthly letter writing night held at the 27 Social Centre (2727 W. 27th Ave Denver, near 27th and Federal.) This month’s letter writing night will focus on some prisoners who have been newly added to our political prisoner database, including participants in the Lucasville Prison Uprising, and environmental prisoner Tim DeChristopher.

Letters and cards of support will also be written to participants in the California hunger strikes.

At the letter writing night, we provide everything you need: paper, pens, addresses, envelopes, stamps, and even DINNER.

Please join us for a night of solidarity and struggle with our comrades now held prisoner by the state.

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