Amelia Nicol’s final charges dismissed! Victory in the courtroom!

Today, Thursday September 15th, Amelia was scheduled for a discovery hearing for her ongoing legal case. To the surprise of everyone in attendance, the hearing did not take place as scheduled. Instead the prosecution filed a motion for dismissal of the remaining charges, citing the fear that not enough evidence existed to win a trial. Amelia’s charges were dismissed by the judge, her bond released, and the possibility of prison time lifted from her head.

Amelia won in court. Our movement won in court. A more detailed account will be forthcoming.

We still have two comrades facing charges from a different anti-police demonstration. They face trial on October 12th for a host of misdemeanor charges. Please mark your calendar and plan on packing the courthouse to show support! An injury to one is an injury to all!


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  1. Congratulations to Amelia Nicol! I was there to see this victory and it brought me to my knees emotionally. One small victory but many more bridges to cross. Freedom does not come without a price, but Amelia strong willed fought her way to freedom! D.Himot

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