David Japenga Reimprisoned

From Anarchist News:

Pittsburgh Anarchist David Japenga was arrested August 24th at a demonstration. The rally was being held in response to an August 23rd incident in which two women were harrassed for their sexual orientation and threatened with a gun.According to police reports, at around 7pm August 24th a group of 100-150 individuals gathered at the location where the harrassment occurred. The group reportedly answered the dispersal order with “anti-police slurs” and slowly made their way to a nearby park. From there the group continued moving down a street, allegedly ignoring police orders to clear the road. 5 arrests were made; all were charged wtih Obstruction of Traffic and Failure to Disperse and another was additionally charged with Resisting Arrest. David was apprehended after a brief footchase and was charged with Obstruction of Traffic, Failure to Disperse, Resisting Arrest and Escape.

At David’s August 31st preliminary hearing both his Escape and Resisting Arrest charges were dropped. He will continue to be held for trial. As you know, David is on parole from his earlier convictions relating to property damage that occurred at the G20 summit in 2009. If David is found guilty of these new charges, he will face another trial for parole violation. David has maintained his innocence.

David can receive mail at:
David Japenga 153760
950 Second Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

For more information or to donate to the Support the Friendship Five legal fund, email abcpittsburgh@riseup.net.

Regardless of the pleas the defendants take or the positions attributed to them by the media, as anarchists, we are always complicit in the struggle against the state and capital, their police and courts. May we further this conflict, not for David or the other arrestees, but in concert with them and all victims of the state.

ABC Pittsburgh

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