Denver 2011 Running Down the Walls Reportback

2011 Denver Running Down the Walls Reportback

For the third straight year, Denver Anarchist Black Cross hosted a solidarity run for the nationwide Running Down the Walls event, a 5k benefit run to raise funds for liberatory social movement prisoners held captive in the United States.

Also for the third straight year, the local Denver run saw considerable growth. Our humble beginnings as a run saw us with about a dozen participants in 2009, doubling to about 25 participants in 2010, and nearly doubling again this year to over 40 participants. Runners and volunteers from local social movement organizations including Resistencia Mexicana, Comite Defensa Del Pueblo, RAIM-Denver, West Denver Copwatch, and of course Denver Anarchist Black Cross, helped make this event the most successful Denver RDTW to date.

The run started in the morning on Saturday July 30th. Although many runs were scheduled for Sunday the 31st, the Denver run was held a day earlier. There were several reasons for this, but mainly, we felt that Saturdays had worked well in the past, and didn’t want to gamble with changing the day of the run. All in all, it proved to be a good plan.

As participants and volunteers arrived at La Raza Park (renamed by the community from the city sponsored name of Columbus Park), a canopy tent was erected and fresh bagels and iced coffee (as well as plenty of water!) was served. A literature table was set up in the park, and the children of participants and volunteers played on the playground. The day was beautiful, and our early meet up time of 9:30 helped us start the day off a little cooler than was expected. By 10:15, the run had started, with runners donning Denver RDTW t-shirts donated by local worker-owned print shop, P&L Printing.

The route this year took run participants into the northern end of downtown, running past Coors Stadium and back into the Northern neighborhoods of Denver. Four water stations were setup along the route and amazing volunteers handed out cold water to participants. By the middle of the run, the heat had climbed to nearly triple digit levels, so the water stations were very appreciated and necessary.

By 11:30 all runners and walkers had made it back to the park, and folks socialized and cleaned up. Folks then headed to the 27 Social Centre for an after-run BBQ that was also well attended.

The event was an amazing success from our viewpoint, with over $1000 being raised (and still counting! We’re still accepting donations! Please contact us at which is more than enough to honor our $300 donation to the ABCF Warchest, a fund that sends out monthly stipend checks to political prisoners and prisoners of war across the U.S., and to help MOVE prisoner Mike Davis Africa
purchase musical equipment for a band he is starting inside of prison in Pennsylvania.

We’re all really looking forward to next year’s run, which we hope to see continue to grow.
In love and solidarity!


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