Seattle: Ariel Attack arrested after rowdy queer riot

From Capitalist media:

The person arrested during this weekend’s vandalism on Capitol Hill is a transgender anarchist and activist best known for smashing windows at the Democratic party headquarters in Denver in a summer 2009 attack, CHS has learned. Maurice Schwenkler, 25, was booked into jail early Sunday morning after being arrested as police busted up a march on Broadway that also resulted in broken windows at businesses along the crowd’s route and attacks on police cruisers. Schwenkler, who goes by the name Ariel Attack, was booked for pedestrian interference but has not yet been charged with a crime.

Schwenkler pleaded guilty in the 2009 Denver case and was ordered to pay $5,000 in restitution. Anarchist groups raised funds to help cover the penalty and Schwenkler’s legal bills.

According to a spokesperson for the Seattle City Attorney’s office, charges in the case could take weeks as police gather evidence and prosecutors weigh their case against Schwenkler.

The Saturday night/Sunday morning melee started as a gathering billed as “a roving dance party in the streets.” Participants report a situation that quickly turned hostile and destructive as some people in the crowd of 100+ participants began attacking police cars and attempting to break windows. Two businesses suffered broken glass, an ATM was smashed and two patrol cars were damaged. SPD called the situation a “mob” in its report on the incident.

Schwenkler’s arrest was the only one reported by police in direct connection with the incident. No significant injuries were reported though SPD did say one officer suffered a minor shoulder injury. A police officer responding to the East Precinct from downtown as the situation escalated was also injured when his car smashed into a utility pole downtown as he rushed to assist.

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