Seattle: Increased Repression Against Anti-Cop Movement

Last night, March 4th at 7pm in downtown Seattle, a small demonstration was held against the police. Since their embarrassment at demos in the last few weeks, the SPD have changed their strategy of reacting to demonstrators and are now taking preventative measures to try to stamp out the collective rage that has been on the streets of Seattle in relation to police violence.
The police had mobilized in expectation of another physically aggressive march with a black bloc (see 2/12, 2/18, 2/26), but this demonstration had been organized at the last minute by Seattle Cop Watch and the general approach was to spread ideas, have a continued presence in the streets, and not initiate physical confrontation.

The police mobilized about seventy uniformed officers on horse, bike, and foot, as well as an unknown level of plainclothes deployment. The officers immediately began ticketing demonstrators for minor offenses such as littering (throwing fliers or dropping cigarette butts) and not having bike lights. They pushed the march onto the sidewalk almost immediately and kept it corralled, while riding horses into the march to trample, push and separate people.

After about twenty minutes of marching and handing out fliers on the sidewalk surrounded by a sea of pigs, the cops decided to arrest someone for no apparent reason. The protesters reacted by yelling, demanding his release and moving in closer. Two more arrests were immediately made; one individual was repeatedly punched in the face, head, and back during the arrest behind police lines. The demonstration dispersed.

In recent weeks their has been lots of media attention put on Seattle anarchists; it comes as no surprise that last night the media parrot the police reports.

Today 14 people went to the jail to post bail for those arrested last night and wait for their release. While people were waiting in the lobby, jail guards called police, although nobody knew this. The cops did not arrived until the arrested person was released and everyone was walking away. Four cars of cops detained the whole group and more cops arrived for total of fifteen donut-loving cowards. People were told that they were being detained for tresspasing at the jail and asked for identification. Recognizing that this was a attempt by the police to identify people involved in the recent anti-police activities, everyone refused to identify themselves. Six individuals were arrested, presumably based on photographs and information that the police were checking. One of the detained had an anxiety attack and was taken by ambulance to the hospital accompanied by a friend. The remaining six detained told they would be released if they provided identification, which they did. They are not “permitted” to be on jail property.

It’s been five hours since the six arrested individuals were seen entering the jail in cuffs, and they have not yet been booked.

This is an attempt by the police to counteract anti-police activity through identification, harassment, and intimidation.

In this effort we must ensure their epic failure.

We saw the power of solidarity in the days of action in west coast cities at the end of February. West coast and everywhere else, now is the time to act.

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