Four Updates from Greece: Anarchist Squat Eviction Sets Off Occupations, Street Fighting

from From the Greek Streets:

In the early hours of Wednesday, February 16th, riot police stormed the self-managed occupied building PIKPA in Heraklion, Crete. As soon as the news spread, three people who rushed to the spot were arrested by the police. In response to the eviction and the arrests, around 70 people who quickly gathered there occupied a branch of the Ministry of Health, demanding that those arrested were freed. A few hours later they were released; one of them however faces charges.

At the same night, a counter-information event took place at the main square of Heraklion. People attempted to re-approach the PIKPA squat and clashes with the police followed; police chase, beat and arrest four people, all of which were injured during their arrests.

In the morning of Thursday 17/2, the arrested appeared before the prosecutor general – two of them face felonies. After this procedure had ended, riot police once again attacked those who had gathered in solidarity with their batons and tear gas.

In response to all the above events, people in solidarity occupied two TV stations on Thursday night.

A demonstration against police repression has been called for Friday, 18/2 at 6pm at the Lions Square in Heraklion.


This might be the first victim of the undeclared war between riot police and the locals: in Keratea, Attica, fierce battles have been going on between locals and the police since early December (!) 2010, on a near-daily basis. Last Tuesday, a young mother of two had a strong shock and became physically sick from the tear-gas the police were using at the time, when they were raiding the little town. This caused her a miscarriage; the woman and her partner have now initiated the process of taking legal action against the police for the miscarriage.


The local branch of the supermarket DIA in the NW city of Igoumenitsa has banned migrants from entering its premises completely, after a period of time in which they were only allowed to enter the store one at a time. In response, anarchists in Athens attacked four branches of DIA in the city (in Agios Eleftherios, Petralona, Patisia and Kipseli). Their storefronts were smashed, paint was thrown along with leaflets explaining the action.


What is undoubtedly one of the most important social struggles in Greece in recent times is fully underway: the migrant hunger strikers in Athens and Thessaloniki are entering the 25th day of their strike today. Already yesterday, in Athens alone, three of them were taken to hospital with serious health problems – where they nevertheless continue their strike.

On Friday, 18.2, a solidarity demonstration has been called that will  commence from the Archaeological Museum (diagonally opposite from the building where the migrants are staying) at 6pm and will head, after the migrants’ own plea, to the Ministry of Interior – the exact government body that keeps them hostage all these years. The migrants’ struggle is a crucial one for the dignity of our movement and the solidarity between us.

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