Bulgaria: Anti-Facist Awaits Verdict, Asking for Support

Update from Freedom for Jock Palfreeman

“Jock had his final defense plea in his appeal on 19th of January. It means that theoretically within 30 days he should receive his verdict- the Bulgarian system however is not known for its efficiency so it might take more time than that. In the meantime we definitely need a last push for him!
Comrades in Moscow already organized another picket outside the Bulgarian embassy and we know there is something going to take place in Holland in few days. If you have a Bulgarian Embassy or consulate in your area why not to pay them a visit with few friends and a banner or at least go there and officially deliver a letter of support? (It has to be noted by embassy staff and sent to Ministry of Foreign Affairs so it carries more weight than you might think). If not that send few emails to Bulgarian authorities, reminding them that Jock is not forgotten and we are watching them.”
Here is very handy form for sending messages to a Bulgarian Ministry:

Free Jock website finally seems to be moving, with large update of different articles about him:
online petition for Jock here:

News about solidarity actions:

Read original story on ABC blog:

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