Nurturing Liberation Seeking Donations for New Kids’ Space

Denver’s 27 Social Center has been doing a lot of exciting rennovating lately. One of the latest developments is a kids’ space. We’re hoping to transform the room into a space that kids and the young at heart love to visit. To make that happen, we’re seeking out various donations. Here they are and spead the word!

Donations Wishlist

-dustbin and handbroom
-drop cloth
-paints and art supplies
-paint clothes (old button down shirts, etc.)
-changing pad
-first aid kit
-shoe cubbies
-wood for building a puppet stage
-books, music and movies with radical and empowering themes (some examples include Click, Clack, Moo; Los Historios de los Colores by Subcomandante Marcos; and Selavi, That is Life: A Haitian Story of Hope)

If you wish to donate to the space, simply bring your donated items in a clearly marked box to the 27 Center at 2727 W 27th Ave and leave it in the kids’ space. 27 Center volunteers will be happy to show you where the room is.

Thanks so much!
the Nurturing Liberation Collective

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