Evidentiary Hearing March 2 for San Francisco 8 Defendant Cisco Torres

In a brief court appearance December 3 for Francisco (Cisco) Torres, Judge Moscone granted the defense motion for an evidentiary hearing and set March 2 as the date. The defense will call retired San Francisco police officer Henry Fikkers to testify about wiretaps he has claimed to know about.

The police, FBI, and prosecution have claimed all along that there were no wiretaps relevant to the case, an assertion which seems absurd on its face given the well documented use of taps on the left and on the Black Panther Party in particular during the time period of the case (1968-1973). However, many of those wiretaps were illegal and courts have thrown out charges in other cases based on their use, so it is no surprise that the state wishes to hide their possible existence in the San Francisco 8 case.

The evidentiary hearing is estimated to last a day and should prove most interesting to any who can come to the courtroom. Cisco plans to be there; he was in court today with a sizable number of supporters including some new faces and some who had been missed, along with some dependable regulars.

Pack the courtroom: Wednesday March 2, 2011 at 9:30 a.m. at 850 Bryant Street in Department 22 (although the courtroom may be changed at the last minute, check with a bailiff if needed).

Even though she has joined the ancestors, our sister Marilyn Buck is still extending her aid in our struggle for justice — it was her unbowed assertion of solidarity with the Black Liberation Movement and the very public celebration of her life at memorials across the country that set off officer Fikkers vile rant that exposed the wiretaps.

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