Sunday: Dia de la Virgin (Im)Migrants’ Rights Protest

Sunday, December 12th
Aurora Geo ICE Detention Center (30th ave and Peoria)

Constitutional and human rights have been constantly violated when ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) has conducted their raids. On December 12th, 2003 ICE rounded up 300 workers in Greeley, Colorado and took them to the Aurora Detention Center. Many are still fighting their cases today.
They dehumanize individuals simply because they don’t have proper documentation to be in the country.

Millions of people flee their countries every year on a worldwide basis. It just so happens that these people seek to come to the United States because of proximity, and because of the hope America has promised.

1.We want citizenship for those families who have children in the United States. We want Freedom and Equality.

2.We want to stop the seperation of families.

3.Free the Families from these detention centers.

Come support Humanitarianism. Hope to see you there. December 12th is significant, because it is a religious holiday for many Mexicans and Central Americans. Those that are detained at the Detention Center in Aurora.

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  1. are you really having a dabc meeting after this?

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