Canada: Police learn ID of G20 vandals, seek extradition of New Yorkers

by Adrian Morrow
From Globe and Mail Update

Police have learned the identities of two young men from the New York City area who allegedly committed the greatest amounts of damage during the G20 summit in Toronto in June and smashed a window at police headquarters, said the lead investigator with the squad investigating acts of vandalism at the protests.

One of the two is alleged to be the same as a man in a YouTube video seen using a pickaxe to shatter a pane of glass at CIBC headquarters on Bay Street, said Detective Sergeant Gary Giroux. The other is accused of breaking windows at a series of businesses, including a Starbucks, a Tim Hortons and an Urban Outfitters in downtown Toronto on the afternoon of Saturday, June 26.

Police are seeking their extradition, along with that of a New Hampshire man also accused of taking part in Black Bloc tactics that day. The trio range in age from 18 to 25 and haven’t yet been arrested, Detective-Sergeant Giroux said.

“I think they’re pretty comfortable,” he said. “They’re in for a bit of a shock.”

Their names have not been released.

In total, police estimate about $2.5-million worth of damage was visited upon the city during the protests, with the bill for the vandalism at CIBC totalling $385,000.

The G20 investigative team has arrested 42 people and laid 145 criminal charges since its creation shortly after the summit, charging suspects across southern Ontario, in Quebec and in British Columbia.

Most of the charges relate to mischief (vandalism) but also include counts of assaulting police officers.

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