Who are You Going to Be? Martyr’s Ball Tonight!

Marilyn Buck? Emiliano Zapata? John Brown? Geronimo? You have until tonight to figure it out…

Denver ABC’s Martyr’s Ball

Wednesday, November 17th

8pm @ the Mercury Cafe (2199 California Street)

To commemorate and celebrate the Haymarket Martyrs come dressed as a political martyr or fallen comrade that inspires you and enjoy a night of revolutionary celebrating and fundraising. November has been a time of remembrance of those that our movement(s) have lost since the execution of the Haymarkey Martyrs on November 11, 1887.

Martyr’s Ball is also our large annual fundraiser for the Denver ABC Mutual Aid Fund, a monetary pool that helps aid local revolutionaries in dire economic situations.

Post who you’re coming as to the event’s wall and we’ll make sure to include them in the Martyr’s Ball zine. Plus! Pinata smashing, costume contest and much more!

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