Victoria, British Columbia: Police Raid Camas Educational Bookstore

CamasVictoria, BC on November 5, 2010: the Victoria Police Department entered Camas Books, 2590 Quadra Street with a warrant to search and seize computer equipment and documents. Four volunteers were detained while officers searched the premise, seizing 2 computers, a Camas Educational Society annual report, and Shaw and Telus account bills.

The Camas Educational Society is a not-for-profit registered society that functions collectively to operate the volunteer run Camas Books and Info. Camas Books first opened its doors in September 2007, with the intention of providing a voice for social justice perspectives, and helping to foster a spirit of solidarity with other such struggles taking place globally. The Camas Collective has a mandate to keep the store and space as accessible and inclusive as possible in order to provide free access to internet and print information that follows our mission statement, akin to a library.
[how do social justice work?]

The camas collective has received no information from police about any
incident that the search and seizure may be pertaining to, or what
lead police to the book store.

For more information on Camas Books or the Camas Educational Society
go to

Media Contacts: Meaghan MacDonald Email:
Meaghan.j.macdonald(at) Phone: 250-896-7588


One Response

  1. Sounds like Camas needs a lawyer.
    There has to be a why!
    If there’s a warrant there better be a why!
    If there is no why then we are in 1940 Germany.

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