Calling All RNC 8 Supporters: We Need Your Help!

RNC 8You were with us when the prosecutor dropped the terrorism enhancement charges. You were with us when the judge granted the joint trial. You were with us as the defendants and their lawyers fought in court to have the charges thrown out. And you were with us when the prosecutor completely dropped the charges against Eryn, Luce and Monica.

Now we need you to be with us as Garrett, Max, Nathanael and Rob go to trial.

During the upcoming trial, we’ll have numerous volunteer needs. Here are just a few:

* HOUSING: Live in the Twin Cities and have space to spare? Help provide housing for folks coming to the trial! And check out our website if you need help finding a place to stay. Go to to get plugged in.

* FOOD: We want to serve lunch twice a week in court, as well as a dinner every Friday. If you can donate or procure food, cook, clean up, or any or all of the above, email info(A) and let us know.

* CHILDCARE: We’ll need childcare so parents can attend court, as well as help entertaining kids at evening events. If you want to help us out by watching the junior rebels, email info(A) and let us know.

* COURT SOLIDARITY: One of the simplest things to do is court solidarity, the respectful presence of supporters in the courtroom gallery as a demonstration of community support. We are asking for court solidarity for the duration of the trial. We also need people to take notes on the court proceedings.

Know how you wanna get involved? Great! Email us at info(A) and we’ll get you plugged in.

Wanna help but not sure how? Join us for an *optional volunteer orientation on Saturday, Oct. 23rd at 3pm* (this will likely take about an hour). Email us at info(A) for the location.

In solidarity,

The RNC 8 Defense Committee

* Some Notes on Trial *

Trial may likely be several weeks long. If, like most of us, you can only attend for a limited amount of time, pace your attendance accordingly. Remember that although it is important to have a strong showing of support in the first week (which is expected to be mostly pretrial motions and jury selection), it’s equally important to have strong court solidarity during the rest of the trial as well. Also remember that our behavior and appearance in the courtroom can create a positive OR negative impression on the judge and jury.

Court is expected to typically begin at 9am, recess for lunch, and conclude around 4:30pm Monday–Friday, but this schedule can change. Check or our email/twitter/facebook for updates before you go.

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