Asheville 11 Legal Update

Asheville 11From Asheville 11 support:

On Monday October 4, all Asheville 11 defendants were required to appear in superior court or have their lawyers appear for them. This is a major development in the course of these court proceedings. Much of the format was the same as for district court; the waiting, the incoherence and the lack of transparency. The difference now is in the outcome. Instead of another continuance all 11 defendants were given Plea and Trial Dates.

The Plea Date is December 6. This will be the next time the accused will be required to appear in court. To the best of our understanding this is when the time-line for trial will be discussed and decided upon and when defendants will be asked to enter a guilty or not-guilty plea.

The Trial Date is set for January 17, 2011, this is will be for all 11 defendants. It is unclear as to how many lawyers and defendants will be able and willing to go to trial that quickly. For now, it is best to assume that this is the definitive trial date. Any changes to that date will be updated on this site.

Things are moving quickly, maybe quicker then some had anticipated. The next few months are going to be the hardest we have seen yet. Your continued support of the 11 is integral to any positive outcome in this case. Local support is about to be stretched very thin by the overwhelming idea of possibly 11 separate trials all occurring on and around the same dates. Those wishing to lend a hand either locally or nationally should contact

The support from those in Asheville, in the US and abroad has been a key aspect in the defense, emotional stability and well-being of the defendants. As this case comes closer and closer to trial, support will need to be doubled and tripled. Please continue to help us help those being attacked by the state.

We can’t thank you enough for all the support given thus far.

♥ ♥ ♥


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