Breaking: Details emerge about Anti-war Grand Jury

From the UpTake:

gents raided homes in Minneapolis and Chicago apparently looking for links to terrorist activity. The Minneapolis raids targeted peace activists who were active in protesting the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul.

Taken from the homes were travel and phone records.

At a home on Park Avenue, FBI agents arrived early this morning with a warrant. The person who answered the door says the FBI pushed past her and began searching every room of the home from attic to basement, looking at CDs, DVDs, books, photos and papers.

Before leaving the FBI issued subpoenas for the peace activists to appear before a Grand Jury in Chicago on October 12th.

Members of the peace community are gathering at Walker Church today at 5:30pm to give advice and comfort to those who had their homes raided.

The UpTake had cameras at two of the raid locations in Minneapolis and will be posting photos, videos and interviews from the scene soon.

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