UNO Occupiers to Fight Charges, Support Needed

We still need as many people as possible to call the Chancellor’s office at 504-280-5536 and demand that they drop the charges against the 2 students who were arrested at the protest last week. It is only through letting the administration know that people care that they will stop their baseless accusations that have already been proven to be lies by video and photo evidence.

The corrupt and incompetent UNO administration is trying to cover their own butts by blaming students to keep the spotlight off of them and to protect their friends in the UNO PD who beat students viciously with batons last week. Please spread this request for support calls far and wide.

Media Round-Up:

While the media generally reported the statements of the police as fact and the statements of students, when reported at all, were treated as an afterthought or hearsay, we figured people may want to see how far their actions reverberated across our state on Wednesday. Be proud, those in power definitely heard us, all the way from our campus tucked away at the lakefront. Organize with your friends and make more actions like this happen, and those in power will know that we are serious, we are angry, and we demand a response.

We have also posted more posts on our website Occupy LA, as well as added links to our resources page and a section to our site called “Why Occupy?” Check it out:

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  1. Just called, said the line and all the waiting slots were full, left a message. Keep calling!

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