Resisting SB1070: Banner drops, blockades, and occupations

From Arizona Indymedia:
July 29th Day Of Action Against SB1070
As protests occur throughout the region today, Arizona Indymedia will be compiling news, updates, and links about the protests and actions.

Also tune into 12 hours of live radio broadcasting from 10 different cities in the United States and Mexico with the participation of 15 immigrant groups/organizations fighting against the racist policies of the government of Arizona on the live stream from Free Radio Chukshon.

Tune in:
High Fi
Low Fi

# Tucson: 1:37PM Food Not Bombs serving free lunch at Granada and Congress
# 1:13PM Brown Berets occupying A Mountain despite police orders to leave. Police threatened to arrest everyone, however police have backed down for now. Park was closed for 1 hour earlier with 30 youth on the mountain. Park has been reopened.
# 10:55AM I-19 Blockade over, no arrests. Protesters used tar, tires and broken glass to shutdown interstate used for deportation. Police have cleared debris.[2]
# 10:37AM Rally at Presidio Park, started at 10AM. with speakers and music and voter registration tables, small crowd gathered there
# 10:25AM Interstate 19 southbound blocked off
# 9:50AM 300 demonstrators facing off with 100 fascists at Granada and Congress
# 9:30AM Protests have begun, over 200 people in the streets down 6th Ave
# 24-Hour Vigil began at 5pm July 28th at State Building. Protesters remained overnight and will be there till this evening.

# Phoenix: 12:38PM More non-violent protesters and media members arrested
# 12:32PM Sheriff deputies clear the entrance of the 4th Avenue Jail. Several arrests made
# 12:15PM Sheriff Joe shifts “resources” to 4th Avenue Jail. Police may be losing control. Protesters chant “arpaio racista. eres terrorista!”
# 11:45AM Protesters continued to be arrested in downtown Phoenix
# 11:10 4th Avenue Jail still blocked by protesters. Sheriff deputies have been deployed.
# 10:58AM 4th Avenue Jail blocked by protestors, Police moving quickly
# 10:49AM 100+ blockading Washington St near City Hall. Riot police moving in.
# 10:30AM Police are arresting protesters (downtown)
# 70 people block main thoroughfare in Guadalupe last night at midnight.
# Stop Hate Banner Drop Over Phoenix Wednesday Night. [2]
# Twitter updates fromPuenteAZ and AltoArizona.

Community protest planned for 4pm – Flagstaff City Hall Lawn Rt. 66 & Humphreys, Downtown Flagstaff

Other Places:
# 11:40AM LAPD is ready to arrest people on Wilshire & La Brea
# 11:10AM Wilshire @ Highland (Los Angeles) blockaded by protesters. LA Times
# Rep. RaĂşl Grijalva, D-Ariz., has closed his Yuma district office for the day after staff discovered that a bullet had shattered a window earlier Thursday. Link

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