Asheville 11 Update

On Friday the 16th eight of the eleven had a court appearance. They were all given continuances and have a new court date set for Sept. 30th. The rest of the eleven will appear in court on July 30th. They are also expected to receive a continuance until Sept. 30th.So far, all of the eleven’s charges have remained in District Court. This will only be the case for a short time longer. In the state of North Carolina, all felony charges are handled by the Superior Court on a state level. Sometime in the next few months, the eleven’s charges will be reviewed by a Superior Court Jury. This jury is called a “grand jury” but is NOT the same as a grand jury that defendants would be called to testify. This jury will be a grouping of people from the state of North Carolina who will review the case and make a recommendation on which of the eleven’s felony charges will be brought to the state superior court.<

In good news, we made our first $5,000 fundraising goal. This means that one, if not more of the eleven will be able to keep their lawyer! Thank you to everyone who sent money and well wishes. This is not the end of our fundraising needs. Several of the eleven still have court appointed lawyers and are interested in retaining better more experienced criminal defense attorneys.

We will keep you updated on any changes in court dates, or venues. Thanks for all your continued support.

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