Asheville 11 Update

Asheville 11As the next court dates for the 11 approach we have come half way to our immediate fundraising goal. Through your generous donations and fundraisers we have managed to raise $2,500 towards the current $5,000 needed. We only have until July 16th to raise the other $2,500. If we don’t one, or more of the 11 risk losing their legal representation. You can make donations through our paypal or directly to the fund. Check out the “donations” page for more info.

The next court dates will be on July 16th for the majority of the 11, and July 30th for the rest.

These are preliminary hearings, but still important in the overall defense of the 11. The judge and the people of Asheville need to see that there are those willing to stand in support of the accused. So, please come down to the court house and show your solidarity. Make sure you come dressed and act appropriately for a court proceeding.

Defend the Asheville Eleven! Support the accused!

Donations can be made via Paypal at, or email for information on sending checks or money orders.

Thanks so much for all of your support so far, and please keep it coming!

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