A Birthday Tribute to Cuban Five Prisoner Gerardo Hernandez

Gerardo: believing in hope

By Marlene Caboverde Caballero *

“…. I shall wait for you under the green elm,
Under the leafless elm.
I shall wait until the last one has returned
And beyond. ”  Bertolt Brecht

GerardoThey condemned him to the exile of silence, to the punishment of the most sordid solitude; two life sentences they hanged like a piece of iron from his neck, and cast him into the void of a cell, into the empire of evil in a prison. However, and despite everything, he laughed.

They, who tried him and convicted him, did not suspect that he would manage to erect, behind bars, that country in which a man and a woman would never be at risk of wearing out, not even from so many kisses.

They wanted to gnaw away his will, and so he turned Silvio’s “The Fool” into a hymn against rats. They sought to usurp his righteousness, but along came Cardenal, a newborn chick, featherless and death cold, like a renewal in the soul of a friend’s worth.

Someone thought that, so as to put an end to his joy, they would close his file, erase the case, ignore its existence at the old Victorville of gray walls. But solidarity dawned in thousands of hands, faces and voices that light his days with those “we love you”, “don’t give up”, “we’re with you”, “we wait for you”, “we will free you”.

And so the smile on his face grew, so loathed and cursed by the inquisitors of freedom. They decided wistfulness for time and distance would eventually obliterate him if they persisted in denying him the hugs, lips and warm breast of his wife. But all he had to do was look at that springtime mouth leaping from a photograph and he would see himself in her eyes, and she would speak to him and give him back the encounters, the promises, the names of his children, all visible, all possible, all floating somewhere in the universes.

The agony of the two life sentences failed, and those who believed in the infallibility of torment were crushed, amid the embarrassment and the defeat, by the joy that endured on the face of that man.

And, to top it all, they call him Cuba … The livers writhe of those who persist on pestering him with the knives of sorrow. And besides, he gives out drawings of seagulls, rabbits and cucumbers to the other prisoners who want to comfort the children who wait for them at home, and he also makes the visiting room and courtyard burst with laughter, an unusual joy.

He will not last two life sentences, they decide resolved, even relieved, those who condemned him to the exile of silence and punishment of solitude. “Idiots!” he thinks because he only just turned 46. It is June 4, and he talks to the mirror, mocks his baldness, remembers Cardinal again, and he is happy as a child.

After almost twelve years, those of dry spirit and short sight are left in the rear of that simple formula of Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, which entails only believing in hope.

* Journalist for municipal Radio Jaruco and coordinator of its “Wings of Freedom” program, dedicated to our five heroes

Youtube of Danny Glover  on Gerardo and Adriana

Letter from Adriana to Gerardo 2:09
Letter from Gerardo to Adriana 1:02
The Bird and the Prisoner 6:46
Gerardo and Cardenal
International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5

4 Responses

  1. I dont really know where to begin.I am very disappointed that we anarchists are not becoming involved with what is going on right now in the gulf!
    Saturday June 12th was international protest BP day , and the only people out there in most cities were “tea-partiers”.
    Why have we not been more active ?
    Who am I? I am just an anarchist ;trying to stay under the radar -raise my children-and wait!
    Is this where we are headed?
    Just waiting to die?
    While they mount a full scale military action down south-we lie impotent; prostrate …and waiting for them to kill us!
    I haven’t come to any meetings , and I’m not on any mailing lists.
    I have not written any letters to anyone on Wednesday nights -not because I do-not care about P.O.W.’s , but because I cannot stop pondering our current situation.
    Now, they are saying that they have “discovered ” mineral in Afghanistan….pretty sum of 1 trillion.
    Is this the vision of our anarchy-to lie supine and take it????
    Again , I am no-one…but neither are ANY of us if we do-not stand now!
    thats it!
    Dirty John!

  2. Ps , if anyone wants to contact me on this my email is livethemetal@yahoo.com

  3. John,

    If we don’t support prisoners, whether they be prisoners being held from the social wars of the 60’s and 70’s or supporting folks that get targeted by the state now for acting, then nothing we do matters.

    If you want to organize against BP and capitalist destruction of the environment, as thousands across the country are doing, then we have your back. And maybe it will embolden you a bit to take more risks if you know that a dedicated crew will support you and fight like hell to make sure you don’t spend the rest of your life in prison and that you and your family will be supported no matter what.

    We’re not the only anarchist show in town, nor do we wish to be. We’re focusing on the efforts that we feel will provide the base for building a multi-faceted movement that can attack not only scumbags like the folks at BP, but capitalism and the state and all forms of domination.

    So, organize something. Get a crew together and protest, or take whatever other actions you need. And we’ll be there to watch your back no matter what happens.

    • Thank you for your efforts with tolerating my initial tantrum- Just I am originally from the gulf coast and am very upset that things aren’t being done . I would be VERY interested in help with mounting a protest , and Did Not mean that POW’s for our cause are not important. Because they are , and You ARE right…It is good to know that there IS solidarity behind those of us who are kidnapped by the police, and government agencies!
      With regards to my current issue , I would be MORE than happy to Protest …EVEN if its just ME out there..Thank You!
      Dirty John!

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