Mt Hope Infinity: Where Are We Now?

The Bash Back Infinity’s lawyer just had to drop their case! They are in need of a new lawyer! Please contact

Sometime after the original subpoenas, as well as a letter threatening to confiscate all electronics from the defendants, the ADF announced that they would be willing to negotiate.

Their offer was that each person named would pay $1,000 each to Mt. Hope Church. As well as submit official apologies, and sworn statements never to demonstrate at a place of worship again.

Clearly this is a vague and frankly, insulting offer.  Currently, the defense is drafting a response and a counter offer.  It is very likely this case will proceed to trial.  Then likely to an appeal, despite who wins, then onward…

Through all of this, the defense NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT. None of the legal steps are free and everyone is understandably stressed. This is a great opportunity to support the queer liberation movement and those who sacrifice for it. And straight-allies, here’s a damn good time to show some solidarity and put your actions where your mouth is.

The ADF has recently claimed that a threatening note was received by the church from a Bash Back! Bash Back! does NOT claim responsibility for this note, and did not advise anyone else to do it. Bash Back! has complied with the preliminary injunction to remain off Mt. Hope premises. Please note that Bash Back! is in court currently, and any actions taken toward the church could damage the defense.

In Early April 2010 a former member of Chicago Bash Back was subpoenaed to testify.

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