The Bigotry is On Our Doorstep! Support the Mt. Hope Infinity

Queer activists need your help to defend against the Alliance Defense Fund.

On November 9th, 2008 activists from the international queer liberation group, Bash Back! protested the stance and actions of the notoriously anti-queer mega-church, Mount Hope at their headquarters compound in Lansing, Michigan. While some of the group danced, chanted and held signs out side of the building, a small group proceeded into the church to conduct a demonstration by hanging a banner that read “It’s OK to be GAY!”, and handing out support leaflets targeted toward the queer youth. As the activists had been careful to remain legal, the police made no charges. So in May of 2009 a right-wing legal group, the Alliance Defense Fund filed a federal law suit on behalf of Mt. Hope Church under the Freedom of Access to Clinical Entrances Act, naming 13 individuals, as well as Bash Back! as a whole, Bash Back! Lansing, and 20 “John” and “Jane Doe”s (yet to be identified). The suit seeks an injunction that could seriously hinder future activism that resists the institutionalization of religious fundamentalism. As well as an unknown sum of money in supposed “damages” and trial costs. Thankfully, we can count on our community and allies to step up. Tracie Dominic Palmer, an activist attorney with the National Lawyers Guild has been wonderful in supporting the group and has been diligently attempting to negotiate as well as building a defense, pro-bono! But as everyone knows, this is far from free. In the end, even in victory, it will have cost her as well as everyone involved in the defense a great deal emotionally and monetarily. Bottom line: We need your help.

The ADF and Mt. Hope are working double time now to oppress queer people and crush all those that oppose them. To be clear, the main objective of their efforts is to plant fear and hesitation in confronting bigotry. This is why they also subpoenaed 20 “John” and “Jane does” (which we have chosen to call Jesse Does to remove the gendering of anyone) in addition to the 13 named defendants. Allowing them to pick anyone they want, whenever they want, and claim affiliation with Bash Back! This is why the defense is called the “Mt. Hope Infinity”. Again, it is extremely important to understand that the injunction seeks to set legal precedence that would seriously restrict future activism of this nature. Imagine it being legally impossible to protest anti-choice organizations or “ex-gay” conferences. In fact, as attorney Tracie Palmer has stressed, we may very well be making new law regarding these types of demonstrations. This is a serious concern, not just for the individuals involved, but for all liberation activism.

~With the queerest love and rage.
Bash Back! Infinity

* It is important to note that since the action, some of the websites have been altered. For example, you now have to input personal information and complete a phone interview to find out details regarding the Dunami sexual “support group”.

Check out for more information.

How can you help?

GET THE WORD OUT! Pass out a flier, get this website out to everyone you can (facebook! myspace! listserves!),  plan to support the Mt. Hope Infinity in person at court dates and fundraisers.

DONATE!: Suprise! the radical christian right has lots and lots of money, and we don’t. So, please donate anything you can. OR HOST A FUNDRAISER!!! a party, date auction, or garage sale! Anything is helpful.

You can send checks to:

PO box 27201
Lansing, MI 48909-7201

(if you’re uncomfortable with sending a check without a name on it, email us and we’ll give you one!

And you can donate online:

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