Inside an A.L.F. Investigation: FBI Documents Expose Evidence in Mink Case

From Voice of the Voiceless:

In March 2009, William Viehl and Alex Hall were charged with Animal Enterprise Terrorism for the release of 650 mink from the McMullin Fur Farm in South Jordan, UT; and an attempted raid at Blackridge Farms in Hyrum UT. While their case is well-known, little has been written of the evidence which led to their indictment.

After Viehl’s sentencing, I was allowed to view FBI paperwork in their case, outlining the evidence against them. It offers crucial lessons on FBI investigations, and the errors activists make which can lead to their arrest.

In the paperwork, I learned the investigation into the Utah mink releases involved informants, cell phone records, search warrants, and more.

This article uses the case against Alex Hall and William Viehl as a case study in the anatomy of an Animal Liberation Front indictment: the evidence, and the lessons learned.

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