Resistance leader in Honduras Killed/ Call-in Action

Leader Assassinated Yesterday in Front of Her Two Children, Denounce U.S. Support for Repressive State Run by Pepe Lobo

Today, February 25, 2010 marks an historic date in the struggle for true democracy and the respect for human rights in Honduras. Tens, maybe hundreds, of thousands of supporters of the National People’s Resistance Front (FNRP) will march through the streets of Tegucigalpa to demand that the largely unrecognized month-old government of Porfirio “Pepe” Lobo halt its attacks on the peaceful Resistance movement. The FNRP has documented at least 254 human rights violations, including murder, kidnappings and rape, since Pepe Lobo took over for the de facto government.

Just yesterday, FNRP supporter Claudia Larisa Brizuela Rodriguez was gunned down in her home in San Pedro Sula. Her two young children, ages 2 and 8, witnessed their mother’s murder.

Claudia was the daughter of high-profile Resistance leader and Radio Uno host, Pedro Brizuela. It is believed that Claudia’s cowardly assassination is meant to intimidate not only the FNRP, but also the independent media. Radio Uno hosts, including Pedro Brizuela, have consistently denounced the abuses and corruption of the post-coup governments, and therefore have become a consistent target of threats. Yesterday those threats became violent action once again.

Click here for information about the call-in action.

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