RNC 8: Reportback from February 2nd Hearing

Defend the RNC 8Yesterday, the RNC 8 and a courtroom full of supporters sat through a hearing regarding several motions that had been filed in the previous months. While the proceedings were less than riveting, there were some surprising results. Even our old friend Bob Fletcher couldn’t resist showing up briefly to watch today’s hearing. Biggest news of the day? The trial date is set for October 25, 2010, so mark your calendars now.

There will also be a number of new motions heard in May, so mark these dates as well: May 3-6, 13, and 14. During these days, the lawyers for the 8 will argue motions such as ones to suppress evidence seized during the preemptive raids prior to the RNC, and the probable cause motion as a part of evidentiary hearings that will include testimony from witnesses. More information will be available as the dates approach, but court support will be needed as always.

In addition to scheduling the hearing and trial dates, Judge Teresa Warner granted the motion to use a jury questionnaire. This questionnaire will hopefully result in a more thorough examination of the jurors. She also took under advisement other motions regarding payments to FBI informants, and the discriminatory motion. The motion re: IndyTACT was withdrawn and may be refiled at a later date. We hope to receive favorable rulings on those soon and will let you know when we hear the results.

As the pre-trial work proceeds and the trial date approaches, we need all the help and support we can get to fight these bogus charges! Now is a perfect time to get involved. Come to the next RNC 8 Defense Committee meeting to get plugged in:

Sunday, February 7, 3:30pm
Walker Community Church (in the basement)
3104 16th Ave S, Minneapolis


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