Davenport Grand Jury: Scott DeMuth denied continuance for trial

ScottScott’s new lawyer, Michael Deutsch, filed a motion to continue the March 1st trial date to allow him proper time to investigate and prepare for trial. Also in support of the motion Michael stated he had two small kids and a working wife which prohibited a trial before June 1st. The motion also stated that Scott wanted to finish his graduate work before the trial.

Magistrate Shields denied the motion saying a June 1st trial date was “unrealistic” and, more or less, that defense counsel’s family issues and Scott’s education needs were irrelevant. The defense was given leave to file another motion with a more “realistic” request for a trial date.

Apparently the Court wants to railroad this case to trial without regard for the defense need to prepare or the needs of the counsel or the

The defense has filed a new motion requesting an April 21st trial date, and also cited numerous motions that will be filed challenging the indictment, the statute and the whole prosecution theory; they have asked for 30 days to file these motions. We await a decision on all of this.

Meanwhile, Scott may have to proceed with a pre-trial conference on February 8. If this is the case, we’re asking that supporters who are able travel to Davenport for the hearing.

In Solidarity,

the SCSC


Ojore is out and amongst friends

Ojore was bailed out at 9:30pm last night and is now among friends and comrades in Denver. Thanks to everyone that helped make that possible.

Bond was posted at the cost of $4,500. This cost has been fronted by various amazing folks from across the country, but much of this money is being loaned. Ojore is in major need of donations to help pay these loans back!

The Philadelphia Anarchist Black Cross Federation is accepting donations for this effort. Donations can be sent via paypal to: timABCF@aol.com

Ojore’s court date will be February 5th. Urgent support is needed as the media is already starting a major war against Ojore and painting him as a terrorist operative. We need lots of support for him and this case, as it will become a major case in the state’s battle against the anarchist movement. Denver ABCF will be organizing a car pool so supporters can pack the courtroom to show solidarity with Ojore on the 5th. If you want a ride or can offer a vehicle for this effort, please e-mail Denver ABCF at denverabc@rocketmail.com