Daniel Wilson: New prisoner from Olympia Mayday 2008 actions

Daniel Wilson was among those arrested at the 2008 May Day celebration in Olympia during which police and banks were attacked by masked and (unfortunately) unmasked protesters. He decided to flee the country rather than wait around and see what portion of his possibly years long sentence the state would subject him to. After spending months in canada, he and his partner decided it would be best to return to olympia so that he could turn himself in. This is primarily due to the fact that his partner is pregnant with his child.

Upon contacting his attorney, he learned that he still had the option to take a plea deal that would result in him being sentenced to four months plus one additional month for bail jumping (a far cry from the draconian sentence originally threatened and sought by prosecutors). He was arrested at the border returning to washington state and transferred to thurston county jail where he was charged with riot without deadly weapon, reckless endangerment, 3rd degree malicious mischief, and bail jumping and was sentenced to five months in jail, $18k restitution and two years probation. With good behavior he will be doing roughly one hundred days. Also, he later plead guilty to and unrelated charge resulting from an arrest at an olympia critical mass during which he was believed to have vandalized a truck belonging to anti-choice activists who regularly congregate in front of planned parenthood to harass and judge people. Daniel was ordered to pay $2K in restitution to the bigoted christian crackpots. He is currently expected to be released on March 6th. He is loved and missed by all his friends here and we gleefully await his release! His partner is safe and healthy; she is living in a loving home in olympia with caring and supportive close friends where Daniel will also be living when he is released.
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A New Year, A New Tortuga House Update

Tortuga SolidarityIt has been several months since our last communication regarding the “situation” here at Tortuga House, but with nothing more than the seemingly interminable filing of legal motions by our defense to unseal the secret affidavits authorizing the raids in Pittsburgh and New York, counter-motions by prosecutors to keep these affidavits sealed, and judicial providence obviously favoring the side which signs their checks, we may as well be submitting a blank sheet of paper for all the real news we have. With the affidavits in our case remaining sealed—the motives and strategy of the state remain in the realm of speculation and will obviously not do for any public statement. However, a recent court date in Pittsburgh has since brought us several scraps of useful information that we felt it was important to share with others.

On January 15th, a court date/rubber-stamping procedure regarding a request by the state of Pennsylvania to keep the affidavit, which authorized the September 24th raid on a motel just outside of Pittsburgh and the arrest of two of our housemates during the G-20 protests, sealed for yet another 30 days yielded a bit more than the inevitable ruling in favor of the prosecution. The judge in the case, perhaps bored or suffering indigestion from eating a rich lunch, asked the state to explain why this affidavit—in a case where all charges against the accused had been dropped—required the extension of the seal.
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