West Denver CopWatch Launches Police Database!

From West Denver CopWatch…

“We at West Denver CopWatch are proud to present and publicize our new
website. Featured on the site are several video encounters we have had
with the police, a Know Your Rights tab, our contact information, and how
to bring CopWatch to your hood, as well as other formative information.
Our most prideful feature is a Police Database. Now, this is a work in
progress and we encourage both community participation as well as
constructive criticism. As we see it, this will assist in both
understanding who the police are as well as attempting to making sure they are accountable to those that pay their salaries. Hope you enjoy and
thanks for the support. There will be more to come.”

Check out the site here.


Appeal for Carrie Feldman’s Release Denied and other Davenport Grand Jury Updates

Carrie and Scott1. Update on Carrie Feldman

On Friday, January 22, we found out that the appeal of the motions for Carrie’s release was denied. This decision means that she will remain a hostage of the state for an indeterminate length of time, up to the remainder of the grand jury (9 more months).

Carrie was taken hostage after refusing to testify before the grand jury in Davenport last November 17 and appeared before a judge on December 8 for the hearing on the motions filed for her release. On December 16, the judge issued his decision denying the motions for her release, at which point an appeal was filed. The court originally scheduled the appeal decision deadline on a date that was further than 30 days from the appeal date, which would have required them to release her pending the appeal. When called on their violation of the rule they created, they simply moved the decision deadline up so she would have to remain in custody.

But the dirty tricks didn’t stop there. The appellate judges also asked the prosecution to file an additional reply to the appeal, which is a rare move and leads one to speculate that the judges felt they needed more to substantiate the decision they wanted to make–to keep Carrie in custody. They also allowed the prosecution to file secret evidence that not even Carrie’s lawyers can see.

Although this appeal has been denied, the fight for Carrie’s release is not over. We’ll keep you updated on future motions filed for her release as we have more information.

2. Update on Scott DeMuth

Thanks to the tremendous generosity of scores of people, as well as a personal loan, we were able to make the retainer payment for Scott’s lawyer, Michael Deutsch. Scott was able to meet with him earlier this month and is working on his defense now.

Thank you to everyone who stepped up to help Scott when he was faced with such a large amount of money to raise! While his legal costs will continue to grow and he will continue to need support, he feels that Michael Deutsch will be an excellent addition to his legal team.

More funds are needed to help pay for ongoing legal costs for both Scott and Carrie, so you and your friends can continue to donate online through PayPal by visiting http://davenportgrandjury.wordpress.com or by mailing checks or money orders made out to Coldsnap Legal Collective with “EWOK!” in the memo line to Coldsnap Legal Collective, P.O. Box 50514, Minneapolis, MN 55405. Thanks!

3. Update on the Third Person Subpoenaed to the Davenport Grand Jury

Leana Stormont, currently a lawyer in Virginia, was subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury last Wednesday. Her lawyers are fighting the subpoena and there is no indication that she is cooperating with the state.

An outspoken animal rights activist when she was a law student at the University of Iowa, Leana experienced overt harassment by the FBI after the ALF action in 2004. She chronicles her experiences in a 2006 article entitled “Caring About Animals is Not a Crime” (available at http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/view/5425).

ICE releases list of detainee deaths while in custody

Official list of detainee deaths from 2003 to present

Urgent! Emergency Medical Support needed for Tom Manning

tom manningFor more information about Tom and his case, check here.

“On the medical situation, folks should demand that I be sent to Butner, NC, the Federal Medical Center for cancer treatment, monitoring, etc”. –Tom Manning

Jericho has also spoken with his attorney who has already called and sent a request to get Tom moved and suggested we do the same. Here is the information needed to both call and write the Cumberland warden as well as other officials at the federal bureau of prisons.

1. Ask for Warden- However I received a reply by phone (1/22) and was told every request for a transfer for Tom must be in writing either by Fax or e-mail. So if you can please e-mail or fax this request.

1A follow the info below if you want to put vocal pressure on the Warden.

2. Have Tom’s # ready “Thomas Manning 10373-016 recent transfer from USP Hazelton

3. If you reach the warden or his/her sectary explain that Tom has recently been transferred from Hazelton and had not received the medical care needed for the growth in his groin area, lump under his left nipple or the growth under his shoulder blade. His records have been reviewed by an out side doctor who urgently recommended a biopsy to check for cancer in these areas. Tom asked you to ask for an immediate transfer to the Federal Prison Hospital facility at Butner, NC to get the necessary medical procedures done.

4. If you get a recording please leave your name and phone # for them to accept our seriousness regarding Tom’s health.

5. If you fax either place a letter be sure to give your information as well as Tom’s full name & number.

6. Please send us any information you are given so that we can put pressure on the correct dept.



Phone: 301-784-1000 ask for warden
Fax: 301-784-1008


Mid Atlantic Regional Office press #1 for inmate services & you will probably have to leave a message.
Federal Bureau of Prisons
302 Sentinel Drive
Suite 200
Annapolis Junction, MD 20701

Phone: 301-317-3100

Greece: Alexandros Grigoropoulos Murder trial begins

The trial over the assassination of Alexandros Grigoropoulos opened today in Amfissa, with the defense of the assassin cops trying to turn the trial on its head.

After a two days delay the trial of the assassins of Alexandros Grigoropoulos opened today in the remote town of Amfissa.

The procedure, which is still to be completed for the day, opened with the lawyer of the defense, the notorious Mr Kougias, trying to turn the trial on its head by presenting material supposedly indicating that before his assassination the dead boy has been at a water-polo match in Chalandri during which hooligan activities took place. The court has declared its reluctance to accept the material, while the lawyer of the boys family intervened to ask if this was a trial of alleged acts of hooliganism, or of the assassination of Alexandros

Tension rose again when the defense claimed that Mr Korkoneas, the main accused “did not kill anyone, it was a tragic coincidence. finding him self in danger he shot up in the air. The ones who really attacked were the boy and the witness. Those 16 year old boys are not normal kids like mine and yours”. At that moment, police had to intervene to contain the enraged mother of the boy. Continue reading