Torture of arrested anarchist in Belgrade

Several media published information, the same as facebook group for support of arrested anarchists (, so here it is (online translation from Serbian to English, with fast changes):

Belgrade – One of six anarchists who in Central Prison awaiting trial on indictment for international terrorism, sustained during December blackmail and physical abuse.

In mid-December 2009, some of the prisoners who shared a cell in the Belgrade Central Prison with Tadej Kurepa (25) tortured him and tried to blackmail him, demanding from him that his mother give 2,000 euros to a ‘friend outside’, for allegedly urgent treatment of AIDS, learned

In late December, the attorney of Tadej Kurepa, Nikola Barovic, at visit in the prison, he found a client with a bruises on his face. Intervention of lawyers, Kurepa was transferred to another cell.

Otherwise, Tadej Kurepa is in place of the second person accused for international terrorism, although the indictment alleges that he was not on the spot, when the night of 25 august Greek embassy in Belgrade was hit with 2 molotov coctails.

The police, except Kurepa, arrested and Ivan Vulovic (24), Sanja Dojkić (19), Ivan Savic (25), Ratibor Trivunac (28) and Nikola Mitrovic (29).

According to the statement of “Campaigns against political repression,” coordinated by left-wing activist organizations, Kurepa is in place for the second accused because of “organized communication by phone and SMS’s’, which is, in the opinion of the public prosecutor, on the second most responsibility position for the execution of the crime – international terrorism. ”

“How much this act, for which is Tadej Kurepa second accused, has links with international terrorism, says the fact that the ‘terrorist attack’, in which the prosecutor and Kurepa say that Kurepa was not involved, nobody was injured and material damage at embassy was estimated 18 euros”, the statement said.

Because of ‘organized a phone and SMS communication’ Tadej Kurepa is already the fifth month in the investigation of the Central Prison in Belgrade, pending the trial, he was not allowed to defend himself from outside of prison, under excuse of fear that arrested will again “organize communication by phone and SMS”, said the Campaign against political repression.

At the same time, the Group for monitoring the process against six anarchists strongly condemns violence which detained anarchists suffer in the months of detention. The aim of the Group, consisting of individuals, and individuals from different anti-autoritarian, left, and student organizations, is that the public regularly get information regarding the political process and to dismiss the indictment for international terrorism.

The Monitoring Group has organized the signing of proclamations, in which dozens of public figures named the process against six anarchists as political and requires rejection of allegations of “international terrorism”.

At January 3, the Monitoring Group hold a protest in front of the Ministry of Justice and the Central Prison, and there will be more protests in the future.

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