Torture of arrested anarchist in Belgrade

Several media published information, the same as facebook group for support of arrested anarchists (, so here it is (online translation from Serbian to English, with fast changes):

Belgrade – One of six anarchists who in Central Prison awaiting trial on indictment for international terrorism, sustained during December blackmail and physical abuse.

In mid-December 2009, some of the prisoners who shared a cell in the Belgrade Central Prison with Tadej Kurepa (25) tortured him and tried to blackmail him, demanding from him that his mother give 2,000 euros to a ‘friend outside’, for allegedly urgent treatment of AIDS, learned

In late December, the attorney of Tadej Kurepa, Nikola Barovic, at visit in the prison, he found a client with a bruises on his face. Intervention of lawyers, Kurepa was transferred to another cell.

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Belgium: Alexandre Varga “suicided” in prison after escape attempt

ANDENNEA – Friday evening, Alexandre Varga took out a knife and took a prison guard hostage in the prison of Andenne. He forced the other guards to open the prison doors. When Varga was outside, the guard taken hostage managed to escape, supported by other guards who followed Varga, he started to run but was soon caught.

A day later, after they put Varga in isolation and after the guards announced that they were going on a 48 hour strike against “prisoner’s violence”, Varga was suicided in the prison.  They say he hanged himself. Every death of a prisoner is a State murder.

Alexandre Varga was sentenced to 18 years for a number of robberies, one against a supermarket and others against security vans. In 2008 he appeared before the court in an orange shirt with “GUANTANA-MONS” written on it to denounce the violence committed by the screws against psychiatric prisoners in the prison of Mons.