Supreme Court rules against Mumia!

MumiaFrom the BBC:

The US Supreme Court has overturned a decision by a lower court in Philadelphia to block the execution of a former “black power” militant.

The lower court reversed the death penalty on Mumia Abu-Jamal in March 2008 after finding that the jury had been given flawed instructions.

The ex-Black Panther’s conviction for murdering a policeman still stood.

The Supreme Court made its ruling after a case in Ohio last week which turned on a similar legal issue.

Under the law, jurors do not have to agree unanimously on a mitigating circumstance in a case.

The Philadelphia 3rd US Circuit Court of Appeals had ruled that the jurors in the Abu-Jamal case had received misleading instructions “as to whether unanimity was required in consideration of mitigating circumstances”.

Last week, the Supreme Court reversed a similar ruling by a Ohio appeals court in the case of Frank Spisak, a neo-Nazi who killed three people in 1982.

The Black Panthers were a revolutionary “black power” group active in the US in the 1960s and 1970s.
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