Mumia ruling expected on Tuesday

From Reuters:

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected on Tuesday to issue its latest decision on the fate of Mumia Abu-Jamal, arguably America’s most famous death-row inmate, convicted of slaying a Philadelphia policeman, a crime he denies committing.

The court is due to rule on an appeal by the Philadelphia district attorney who is seeking to have Abu-Jamal executed and bring an end to a decades-long legal saga the inmate, a former journalist, wrote about while in prison.

Abu-Jamal, now 55, was convicted in 1982 of killing officer Daniel Faulkner on December 9, 1981. He has become an international cause celebre for the anti-death penalty movement whose supporters argue strenuously he did not receive a fair trial.
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Russian anarchists back arrested anti-war soldier at British embassy

Russian anarchists illustrated a growing international awareness of the case of arrested anti-war soldier Joe Glention on January 15 by picketing in solidarity outside the British embassy in Moscow.

Activists from the Autonomous Action, which is active in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, were aiming to gather support for Joe Glenton under the banner “It’s better to be deserter, than to be killer.”

In a statement, they said: “Killers – those, who trespass on bounds of another country, bringing devastation and death, they should be called so. Terror – that’s the name for actions of USA and their NATO co-belligerents in Afghanistan.”

The group spent most of their time in the sights of police guns, however during the action there were no serious conflicts. Nobody was arrested.

Joe Glenton, who has been a soldier for five years and went on his first tour to Afghanistan in 2006, deserted and was arrested after making a public speech on an anti-war demonstration in October 24 in London. Prior to making his speech he had written to Prime Minister Gordon Brown, imploring him to stop the military action in Afghanistan and bring the troops home.

“I just couldn’t see what we had given to the country. I felt ashamed” Glenton said.

The Stop the War Coalition has called Glenton’s move a “very significant moment” in the campaign against the Afghanistan conflict. He is the first serving soldier to speak out against the government’s policy.

Mexico: New arrests related to anarchist & ELF actions

Lately there have been a number of arrests in Mexico related to charges of ELF and other anarchist activity. The following information comes via the Earth Liberation Prisoners (ELP) Information Bulletin, which Denver ABC has edited somewhat for clarity.

To send messages of support to the prisoners, email them via

(17th January 2010)

Mexican activists are facing serious repression while the actions there are taking harder and harder.  By now there are several vegan prisoners of the ELF raids.  There are also some individuals who are on the run.  Others are waiting for trials.  I have found all the info in this web site: but I also have contact with the person who takes care of the magazine Rabia y Acción (Anger and action), which mostly deals with the ALF. He/she has asked for support, and has written an article in Liberación Total web site giving information about the prisoners, and why they are in jail. If you want to contact him/her personally, ask me for the email. But I’m not sure if he/she can speak English.

Here is a list of the Mexican prisoners:

There was one guy (16) who was arrested with a large number of molotov cocktails in his back pack, he was arrested and admitted having caused other fires related with the ELF. He remained in home-reclusion, where police and his parents took care of his good behavior. He is on the run by now.

Three people were arrested in relation with an ELF raid where several trucks, Harley business, etc were torched, and explosive detonated. One of them, Carlos, snitched, naming names of people who he claims could escape. The other two guys, ages 16 and 17, are vegans and are in jail.

An anarchist, probably related with environmental struggle/animal liberation is in jail because of the raid on an Oxxo during an anarchist demo. Since then, Oxxo has been robbed 7 times, in one of them a policeman was shot dead. The same anarchist group has claimed three AK-47 attacks against police patrols and one on private security. One person was arrested in Tijuana, where all the attacks happened, carrying a gun.

All the info has been published in Liberación Total.  It seems that things are going crazier in Mexico.  Also there was a night where about 9 banks exploded in 3 different Mexican states in an anarchist coordinated action.

Many anarchists are being tailed.

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