Alex Sanchez granted bail

AlexFrom Tom Hayden at The Nation:

Judge Manuel Real granted Alex Sanchez bail in a closed legal proceeding Wednesday morning in Los Angeles federal courthouse. The decision came at approximately 11am and was announced by Sanchez’s attorney, Kerry Bensinger, amidst cheers and tears and shouts from supporters of the Homies Unidos founder. Parties to the agreement were sworn to secrecy and could not be interviewed for this story, but it is known that the judge called a closed hearing to consult law enforcement and gang experts, including high officials in the FBI, the LAPD and the LA city attorney’s office. An additional witness testified on condition of anonymity. Supporters of Alex and civil liberties groups were deeply concerned about the classified nature of the proceedings, arguing that bail hearings are rarely if ever closed to the public and the media. But Sanchez himself consented to the unusual process on the advice of his attorney. After approximately ninety minutes of testimony in the closed chamber, the hearing was terminated, and Sanchez was led away in prison-like garb and heavy chains, surrounded by armed security guards. Bensinger then called together Sanchez supporters in a private anteroom, saying only, “We got bail” and “We can’t talk about this any further.” It could take up to a week to process Sanchez’s bail.


Carrie books and mail update

Carrie says thank you for all the books, mail and support she’s received so far! A few words about books and mail:

She sent us a list of books she’s received so far. You can find it here. Check it out before you send books to avoid duplicates!

She says she is particularly excited about getting “whatever books you think are good,” whether or not they are related to math or science fiction.

Also, the jail has been getting stricter about political content in her mail: so far, they have denied printouts of political articles and a solidarity statement. In at least one case, there were letters written on the back of these printouts, and she didn’t get the letter! She wants to ask people to be mindful of what they say, and if you’re going to send political stuff along, please write your letter separately so she’ll get it.

Coincidentally or not, the first day came recently where Carrie didn’t get any mail, so if you’ve been thinking of writing her a letter, now’s a good time to do it!

Thanks again for all the support, and keep it coming!

Eric McDavid Update

Dear friends,

Today marks the fourth year of Eric’s incarceration. These are not the kind of milestones we would like to be writing about to you. While other people have been celebrating the New Year, we have been incredibly conscious of the passage of time in an entirely different way. For four years, New Years has served as a reminder to us – as it probably does to millions of others – of how long we have been separated from our loved one. While others are celebrating new beginnings, we are faced with the reality that, so far, there has been no new beginning as far as Eric’s physical freedom is concerned. Some things remain painfully the same. Eric is still locked away by the state.

Please remember that this time of year can be particularly difficult for folks who are locked up. Take a minute to write Eric – or another political prisoner – and let them know that folks on the outside are still thinking of them and supporting them.

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Greece: Word from Christos and Alfredo

From After Trikala, a blog that focuses on Christos Stratigopoulos and Alfredo Bonanno, two anarchist comrades arrested in Greece for bank robbery a few months ago.

Dear …

Greetings from me and Alfredo who got your letter yesterday. Here things haven’t changed at all from the moment we arrived.

The main problem is still Alfredo’s very precarious health situation. Apart from all his health problems, which as you know he had before entering prison here in Greece, now the pain in his shoulder is coming back because of the tumour which, according to the diagnosis that they made in Italy, needed to be operated on. There can be no doubt that his general health situation has got worse from from the moment he went back to prison. This fact is also due to the extremely bad conditions of detention that we are both coping with, particularly Alfredo because of his age.

Moreover, things here are very slow at the administrative level.For example, they took him to the local hospital twenty days ago to do Xrays of his shoulder and still they haven’t given him the necessary documentation from the hospital, which the lawyers need in order to present a new urgent request for his release.Today, they told us that at the most by the end of next week they would give us the medical certificates that the lawyers need.

For the time being all we can do is to patiently put up with this unpleasant situation.

I know that many comrades in Greece are aware of this situation and are interested to see what happens with Alfredo’ second application to the judges for release on medical grounds.
I don’t think that there is anything better to do, because the need for his release is becoming essential.

Nearly every day we get letters and postcards from many comrades in Greece but also from nearly all the rest of Europe. This fact comforts us a lot knowing that we are not alone to face this difficult situation, particularly Alfredo for the reasons explained above. We also got a postcard from England, from some comrades in Bristol.

The new application for release for Alfredo, with the new medical documentation that we are waiting for, should be made some time around Christmas. We are waiting to see.
I hope you are well, etc………


Alfredo sends his greetings, perhaps he will write to you but, among other things, he hasn’t been seeing well recently. But don’t worry, because I am looking after him.

A strong hug