Chile: Basque compa framed for Temuco bombings remains in preventative detention

This morning, district attorney Sergio Moya (readers, keep him in mind) formalized charges against our Basque compa for the crime of possession of explosive material, plus an infraction of the arms control law. He therefore requested that Asel remains in prison, and his request was granted by public safety judge Alejandra García. In this way, our compa is being considered a “menace to society” thanks to the explosives planted in his house by the police.

Julio Landaeta, lawyer for the accused, indicated that there is no concrete record that can establish that his client was carrying out actions related to the fabrication of explosives. To that effect, he pointed out: “It would have to be proven irrefutably that my client was undertaking some specific action with explosives and that he had some target. No one has said anything like that.” As a way of proving the innocence of his client, Landaeta clarified that on the date of the pharmacy bombing (December 7, 2009), Asel Luzarraga was out of the country.

Everything is falling into place for a government desperate to punish whomever it can. To stifle the Mapuche struggle, it blamed international networks, thereby giving things more “color” and also connecting the Mapuche to the bombings in Santiago. Clearly, the state/capital apparatus is trying to create a bombings-Mapuche link, and from there build up a whole framework that we know will include squats, “ex-subversives,” and whatever it wants.

To sum up, the government is extending Asel’s detention for another three months in order to continue fabricating evidence and thus leave that old bag [Undersecretary of the Interior Patricio] Rosende in a non-contemptible position, given his announced “monitoring” of the terrible foreigners who came to Chile to “infiltrate” movements.

The family of Asel’s Chilean girlfriend denies that he could be responsible for any terrorist attacks. Just last week, they announced legal action against the police for what they insist was an abusive invasion of the building in Padre Las Casas.


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